Construction can be dangerous. But when a company really makes a commitment to safety, it can create a workplace in which employees can reasonably expect to have a career free of injury and illness. At Warwick, safety is a core value of our everyday culture, and we are continually enhancing safety and health policies, demanding that everyone, from executive management to the most recently hired trainee, understand the importance of maximizing workplace safety and health. By following safe work practices, such as those outlined in our company safety program, the risks of injury and illness are minimized or often eliminated.

The company operates on four basic principles:

  • All injuries are preventable.
  • Employee participation is our safety processes is the key to preventing injuries.
  • All employees are responsible for safety and for preventing injuries
  • Safety is a condition of employment.

Our commitment to safety is based on caring, and it comes by no accident. All of our employees participate in occupational training programs to boost their knowledge and understanding of our established workplace safety processes and how to perform their jobs without injury. Daily safety processes ensure that employees have the training, tools, and time to do their jobs safely.

The foundation of a company’s safety program is the ability of its personnel to recognize, evaluate, and control hazards and risks on the jobsite. To accomplish this, Warwick’s commitment to safety includes:

  • Three full-time safety professionals to initiate and monitor safe work practices, including a certified safety professional
  • A detailed safety manual with employee training guidelines specified in each program
  • All Foremen have completed the OSHA 30-hour Construction Safety training course and are CPR/first aid certified
  • Daily Pre-Task Safety Planning meetings on all jobsites
  • Weekly toolbox safety talks on all jobsites
  • Monthly safety training meetings for all Foremen
  • Regular jobsite safety inspections
  • A 100% drug-free workplace program
  • A Safety Committee to identify and address safety concerns and suggestions

This commitment to safety is evidenced by a safety record that is significantly better than the national average. Warwick’s Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is also consistently below the national average for construction companies in our type of business.

2023 EMR – .65

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